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Curzor by Offworldtrooper
OC from a friends fanfic story

Curzor is a Nelvanian, from the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars episode. The Nelvan are slender, lupine, blue-furred folk of a low-tech level, a tribal people of hunters and agrarian farmers. In the episode, the male warriors of the tribe were kidnapped by Seppys and experimented on, leaving them mutated hulking brutes with their right hands replaced with weapons. Anakin frees them, slays the men who enslaved them, and reunties them with their women and children. Symbolically lacking his own hand, Anakin is implied to become something of a hero-god to them.

Now it is two or more generations on, on Nelvaan. Anakin Skywalker, the Ghost-Hand Warrior has passed into legend. The mutated genes have incorporated into the genepool, some male Nelvaan being born of massive size and strength. Enter Curzor, who is not just huge and ferocious, but is touched by the Force. I conceive of a hunter so dangerous he becomes shunned by his otherwise peaceful people. Inured on legends of the man who became Darth Vader, Curzor trains himself in the dark side of the Force, slaying and killing not for meat and the hunt, but from the joy of death. On other worlds, he might have been a great threat; on Nelvaan, he is merely a monster along the lines of Mr.Hyde, combined with Bigfoot. He lives on a twisted code of honor, where the weak are his rightful prey, and each hunt adds to his fame.
Kirana's prey
A commission I did a couple of months ago which I quite liked, the uncensored version is over on my HF account but this one still works! It features Kirana Ti of the Singing Mountain Clan taking an unwitting Imperial Officer captive for her own 'personal use'.

Enjoy :)
Commissions are closed, for now. 
I have a lot going on right now so I need to close my commission list down for a little while. Those that have already contacted me needn't worry, you're still on my list and your art will be completed as promised. 
I'm just not taking on any more work. But the list will be back open once the dust settles. 
Thanks for all your support guys!
Another commission for the lovely :iconlaurelindeansprime:

Her OC sharing a night of passion with the chosen one. I thought I'd go with a more mono colour palette for this one to give it some atmosphere.
Everybody Lives by Offworldtrooper
Everybody Lives
Comic cover commission for :iconlordhadrian:
As usual, its a multi character piece starring
The tenth Doctor - David Tennant
Baymax - Your personal healthcare assistant
Barriss Offee
Conradin Hadranus - :iconlordhadrian: 's OC
Mister Spock - Leonard Nimoy
Steve Irwin
Nada - Rowdy Roddy Piper
Batgirl - Yvonne Craig
Mork - Robin Williams
Sherlock Holmes - Christopher Lee

Its always brilliant fun putting these together, and my idea to turn it into a Doctor Who comic cover worked well!


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Yes they're back. It's been a long time coming I know but I've been a busy guy. But nows your chance to get a commission from me if you would like one. Examples of my work are both here in my gallery and over at Hentai Foundry. That's where the bulk of my art is, and is more adult themed than I can safely post here. So head over there (hentai-foundry dot com) and you'll find me under the same name. 

So im open to SFW or NSFW commissions, with only a few exceptions on what I won't draw, but I'm happy to discuss that. 

My prices :
single character £25
additional character £15
complex backgrounds are extra

so drop me a note here or mail me on

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